Monday, February 9, 2009

Xbox 360 - Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

Quake Wars: Enemy Territory by id

What's to say about this game? It's a straightforward level based shooter. It doesn't do anything special. Really!


There are two teams. The aliens and the soldiers. You are tasked to choose a class (type of soldier) to complete the campaign. You either win or lose.

Think of Quake Wars as a Capture The Flag style objective multiplayer gaming style. So, that means that you need to be the right class, then get to the objective spot to do whatever. So, you might be tasked to drive a vehicle to a specific location, place charges or hack something. In order to do this, you have to switch between classes.

On the other hand, the enemy doesn't seem to do that. All they do is run around trying to prevent you from that task. So, there's lots of dying.

The Good

If you like multi-player objective and team based play, you'll like Quake Wars. Other than that, there's not much else.

The Bad

Far too simplistic and too expensive for what it is. Each level has objectives, but your soldier character is constantly killed by the enemy. It takes too long waiting around for medics to fix you and even longer to respawn with a new wave of troops. The game's battling and running around is just like Wolfenstein (old school). The graphics aren't particularly spectacular and the movement is, again, old school.

When you win, all it does is say, GDF Wins. Not particularly thrilling. There's actually more hurrah when you lose than when you win.


I was expecting more from this game. It's very simplistic in its design. It does what it does well, but still very simplistic. For me, this style of gaming has limited appeal and limited play value. This means that after a short while, I'll get bored and want to play something else. Note that I am not a big fan of multiplayer level based combat play. I'm just not up for running around on a play field hunted and killing. It's mindless gaming at its best... not my thing.


  • Sound: 8/10
  • Graphics: 6/10 (way too old school and simplistic)
  • Bugginess: ??/10 (N/A)
  • Controls: 9/10 (control works well enough)
  • Bang-To-Buck: 4/10 (limited replay value)
  • Play Value: $15
  • Overall: 5.5/10 (simplistic, not enough to it, limited play value)

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