Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTA4 bugs appear to be somewhat confirmed

As an update to the freezing and other bugs with GTA4, there definitely appears to be an issue.

Ruling out my Xbox 360 as the problem, both PS3 owners and Xbox 360 owners are experiencing some of the same problems with GTA4 as myself. PS3 owners appear to be having even more issues because of the HD copy process. Some PS3 owners have it working perfectly, while others haven't even been able to get it working at all. Some have lockups right after the first cut scene. So, this definitely appears to be a problem with GTA4. Rockstar needs to address this issue and fast. If not, this game will likely be a bust and will most definitely not become game of the year, let alone the best of the GTA series.

Considering that Xbox 360 has a way to push updates out, I can see Rockstar pushing updates to Xbox 360 owners. I have no idea if the Sony's online store has a way to do this for the PS3. PS3 owners may simply have to mail away for an updated game disc once Rockstar determines the problem.

It is readily apparent, Rockstar definitely needed to run GTA 4 through a much more exhaustive testing process.


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