Monday, March 30, 2009

Xbox 360 - Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

Fallout 3 - Operation Anchorage DLC

Operation Anchorage is downloadable content to be used with Fallout 3. You download this content from Xbox Live Marketplace. The cost is around 800 credits, that I remember paying. Of course, the cost of these packages may change from time to time, so you should check before you buy.


This expansion effectively adds about 2-4 hours worth of play (one quest worth of play) to Fallout 3. So, it may not be worth the extra money... unless you need armor and weapons. Effectively, this addon gives you reasonably strong armor and a good assortment of heavy weapons. So, if you're early into the game and the only thing you have is the vault jumpsuit and that weak pistol, this expansion is worth the play value early on.


You must hop into a virtual reality simulator and defeat the 'commies' in a simulation of the takeover of Anchorage. Once you defeat them and complete the mission, you will be rewarded with a cache of weapons and armor.


This is a reasonably short addition to Fallout 3. It may be worth the money if you need the extra weapons and armor. I have personally found the armor to come in quite handy in finishing up other quests. But, your mileage may vary.


Because this is just an expansion, you will need to read Gamezelot's Fallout 3 review to get the full score for Fallout 3.
  • Expansion Score: 6/10 (not long enough, limited benefit)

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