Monday, January 12, 2009

iPod Touch / iPhone

iPod Touch / iPhone as a gaming platform

Gamezelot recently purchased an iPod Touch.  Because of the capabilities of the iPod touch (enough to rival the PSP), the potential for 3D iPod/iPhone games to become mainstream is significant.  There are already a number of games available through the iTunes store now.  With LucasArts release of The Force Unleashed, this may be turning the tide for the Touch to become a mainstream portable gaming platform.

Apple also needs to encourage gaming on this platform if they wish it to become a well rounded system and capable of competing with the PSP.  Otherwise, Apple may lose out to the Android platform where gaming may become more common place.

Gamezelot will be closely watching the gaming trends of the iPod and the iPhone.  It is on the brink of cracking portable gaming open.  But, only time will tell.

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