Thursday, November 6, 2008

PS3 - Resistance 2

Resistance 2

This game is the second installment for the Resistance series. This is a linear first person shooter.


This is a standard first person shooter. There is nothing overly special about this game in terms of gameplay. Note that I purchased the Special Edition of this game because it included a Chimera action figure. Overall, the extra cost was really not worth it unless you're into these types of collectibles.


To escape a typical shooter situation without dying. The problem I have with this game is that it tries way too much to look and feel like Halo 3 (click to see Gamezelot's Review). The menus have a similar look, feel and layout (it even uses the same font) to Halo 3. The enemies remind me of the enemies in Halo 3 and the overall play style also reminds me of Halo 3.

In and of itself, the copying of Halo 3 isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does make the game unoriginal. The game's story, however, is nothing like Halo 3 and is not compelling in the same way as Halo 3. So, it fails on that aspect.

Basically, you're thrown into the action very rapidly and are given little time to become used to the game itself.


This game shows the PS3 offers a clear graphics advantage over the Xbox 360. The problem, however, is that while the graphics are crisp clear 3D with reasonably high texture maps, the game itself is not compelling enough to make the graphics worth the effort. Eye candy only goes so far. What makes a game fun is the gameplay, not necessarily the graphics.


I expected more from this franchise. I liked this game better than the first Resistance (which I actually hated to play). But, this game is still an uninspired shooter. The first Resistance was too much like Call of Duty with Zombies. Resistance 2 tries too hard to be Halo 3 and fails at that. While it is an improvement to this game, the developers still need to come up with a look and feel that's all their own without having to abscond from existing popular game titles on other platforms.


  • Sound: 6/10 (I don't remember it, really.. so, forgettable)
  • Graphics: 8/10 (too much like other games)
  • Bugginess: ?/10 (not rated yet)
  • Controls: 8.5/10 (worked well enough, but sometimes slow to respond)
  • Bang-To-Buck: 1/10 (Won't play it again)
  • Overall: 7.5/10 (Fun enough, but too linear and not enough excitement)

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