Saturday, June 14, 2008

Xbox 360 - Ironman

Ironman by Sega

Normally, I don't buy into games based off of a film franchise (with the exception of Harry Potter). I decided to take a chance on Ironman. Well, it's absolute trash to say the least. That is, unless you like games that are repetitive, uninspired, are rip-offs of previous games and overall get way too tough too fast, but at the same time manage to be extremely boring.


You play as Tony Stark. It kind of follows the progression of the movie, but gives a different view of that same universe. The idea is the same and what you do is the same. Unfortunately, these games tend to try to be too much of a movie and not enough of a quality game. So, you're basically flying around in the Ironman suit (first the old one, then the new one) locating the 'bad guys' and taking them out. You take out men on the ground, you take out choppers in the air, you take out tanks, you take out... you get the idea. Anyway, there are a few goals in order to get to the end of a level, but overall, B O R I N G.


You fly around and blow things up. That about sums it up.


The controls are odd. It takes too long for Tony/Ironman to get into various flying positions. So, instead of flying around, you're dawdling getting into position. It's difficult to actually try to target things while flying around (the markers are way too small).


What you would expect from this game. Reasonable sounding. Probably the best thing about this game.


Reasonably decent, but not the quality of Halo 3 or even Oblivion for that matter.


An uninspired flying shooter that's difficult to control at times. It's based on a movie and that should sum up everything about this title. As a side note, every game I've ever played based a movie has been trash (with the exception of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). The Harry Potter game actually managed to have a decent free roaming style gaming that came close to being an RPG. Ironman doesn't manage this at all. In fact, this game so closely resembles a Superman game that was released several years back, I could swear they just stole the code and updated the graphics for Ironman.


  • Graphics: 7/10 (uninspired)
  • Sound: 9/10
  • Controls: 5/10 (sluggish and difficult to control)
  • Bang-2-Buck: 3/10 (buy it on clearance or don't buy it at all)
  • Replay value: 1/10 (Definitely won't play it again)
  • Overall: 4/10 (poor, uninspired)

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